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Consultancy available for complex, ongoing cases including Alzheimer disease, autism, OCD, depressive disorders, oppositional defiant disorder and more. 

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J. Lucy Boyd

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The booklet for those who wonder if they suffer from OCD or a similar condition.

Learn about:

  • how a diagnosis is made 
  • mental health conditions that mimic OCD
  • ​what is "normal" and what isn't
  • symptoms (medically described and descriptions of what they actually feel like) 
  • treatments -- medicines, therapies and unconventional treatments
  • how to help yourself at home

​This course is thorough: it gives you understandable medical information to make you proficient in OCD, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, and many similar maladies, while providing supportive practical guidance to help you feel better today.

Information for parents? Yes 

​What to do if your OCD makes you too afraid to get help? It's in here.

​Will it do me any good to learn why I can't stop performing compulsions? Absolutely