We offer for sale a unique commemorative item, containing a new 2022 Kennedy half dollar and a Lincoln cent. Americans have found themselves fascinated by the coincidences in the assassinations of two of our greatest presidents. This memento embodies these facts in the guise of a highest-quality permanent keepsake for keeping or sharing with someone special. 

Once in a lifetime commemorative

You'll love this brand new item!  I have just finished designing and printing these beautiful Lincoln-Kennedy Astonishing Coincidences fact cards pertaining to all aspects of their lives across 100 years of American history.  The cards are printed in color on photo paper and come in a rigid sleeve to protect and preserve them for many years.  Both coins are 2022 BU (BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED) Lincoln cent (penny) and a Kennedy half dollar direct from the United States Mint.

The U.S. Mint started producing Kennedy Half-dollars in 1964, shortly after the assassination of Kennedy.  They have been struck annually ever since.  Demand for the coins in circulation eventually slowed, generally leading the Mint since 2002 to issue them for just numismatic purposes.  An exception happed 2021, when the Federal Reserve ordered millions of the coins for circulation.

Historians have been talking about the spooky coincidences between the assassinations of two of our great presidents since Time magazine published a list soon after Kennedy died.  I've taken a few weeks to scope out fact from fiction, to create this truthful version of the astonishing coincidences between these dark days in American history. Coin collectors and historians alike will love this commemorative piece with real 2022 JFK half dollars and Lincoln cents. 

These make great gifts for history lovers or coin collectors. For a limited time, we are offering these for $19.98 with free shipping. USA only. 

Lincoln Kennedy