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The mental health company offers outstanding resources to empower patients and families who are dealing with a wide variety of health challenges.

J. Lucy Boyd, RN, BSN, is a psychiatric nurse epidemiologist who synthesizes experience gained from a wide variety of clinical positions, applying them to complex problems. She has a passion for empowering patients to fully understand their conditions, and, more importantly, their potential. 


Consultancy available for complex, ongoing cases including Alzheimer disease, autism, OCD, depressive disorders, oppositional defiant disorder and more. 

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Our Staff

Ancillary professional staff are utilized as needed. 

Our goal is simple: To further the practice of psychiatry, with a nod to psychoanalysis and transpersonal psychology rather than behavioral medicine. 


Despite the proliferation of behavioral medicine, it is not a panacea. When the easy approach hasn't worked, we can help.